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Tel Aviv, March 14, 2019

PostgreSQL DBA1 Free Training

We are proud to host a free PostgreSQL DBA1 course for event participants created by Postgres Professional company - PostgreSQL Major Contributor

Venue: Google Campus Tel Aviv

Dates: March 13, 14, 2019

The training is led by Egor Rogov - one of the authors of PostgreSQL for Beginners book

Egor graduated from Computer Science Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Has more than 15 years of Database Management Systems experience as an application developer and project manager. Since 2015 works on educational programs in Postgres Professional company as training courses developer, writer, book editor.

Course adapted for PostgreSQL v. 11. Lectures are in English.

Training topics:

  • Basic tools

    • Installation and management

    • psql

  • Architecture

    • General

    • Isolation and multi-version

    • Buffer cache and log

  • Data organization

    • Logical structure

    • Phisical structure

  • DBA tasks

    • Monitoring

    • Admninistration

  • Access control

    • Overview

  • Backup and restore

    • Overview

  • Replication

    • Overview

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For any question please contact us on

3rd Annual PostgreSQL Conference

March 14, 2019, Tel Aviv Israel

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