pg Day Israel

Tel Aviv, March 14, 2019

Join the growing PostgreSQL Community!

For the third time in Israel PostgreSQL enthusiasts from all over the world join together to share their knowledge and experience with existing and/or potential developers and users of PostgreSQL

pgDay Israel is a non-profit event hosted and run by the PostgreSQL Israel Community

This event is part of the effort to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate resources to further PostgreSQL adoption

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pgDay Israel 2019 will be held at Google for Startups

Address: HaUmanim 12, Tel Aviv

pgDay Israel 2019 Program


Gathering and Networking


Welcome Notes

Michael Goldberg, Emil Shkolnik, PostgreSQL Israel Community


What's new in PostgreSQL 12

Oleg Bartunov, Postgres Professional, Major PostgreSQL Contributor


Tour de Data Types: VARCHAR2 or CHAR(255)?

Andreas Scherbaum, Pivotal


Migration to PostgreSQL - the non technical sides (for managers)

Lior Kaplan, Kaplan Open Source


Lunch break


Living in GDPR world

Pavlo Golub, Cybertec


What's new in PostGIS?

Darafei Praliaskouski,, PostGIS Committer


How to avoid problems with PostgreSQL

Ivan Panchenko, Postgres Professional


PostgreSQL as a universal IoT database

Vadim Yatsenko, Sergey Kim, General Electric


Event closure

Changes could be applied to the event program

Our special guests and speakers:

Oleg Bartunov - research scientist in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, PostgreSQL Major Contributor, Co-founder and CEO of Postgres Professional company. Oleg uses Postgres since 1995 and involved in PostgreSQL development since 1996 (introduced a locale support). He has been involved in developing of extensibility infrastructure of PostgreSQL, GiST, GIN and SP-GiST templates for user-defined access methods, built-in full-text search facilities and extensions: intarray, ltree, hstore, pg_trgm. His latest contribution: jsonb and RUM access method. Currently, he works on implementation of SQL/JSON standard for PostgreSQL. His main interests are Information Retrieval, Databases Extensibility, Algorithms and Data Structures, Service-Oriented Architecture for Science and XLDB for Science.

Ivan Panchenko - Co-Founder and Deputy CEO at Postgres Professional - PostgreSQL vendor in Russia. Since 1996 Ivan works on developing high performance business applications, started using PostgreSQL in 1998. Previously worked as Head of Content Projects development in Rambler Internet Holding, Development Director in Stack Group, Director of Technology in the Moy Mir social network (one of Mail.Ru projects).

Andreas Scherbaum - working with PostgreSQL since 1997. He is involved in several PostgreSQL related community projects, member of the Board of Directors of the European PostgreSQL User Group and also wrote a PostgreSQL book (in German). Since 2011 he is working for EMC/Greenplum/Pivotal and tackles very big databases.

Pavlo Golub - PostgreSQL expert and developer at Cybertec. Working with PostgreSQL for 16 years. Author of Windows port of Patroni, translator of PostgreSQL, author of PgMDD database designer and PostgresDAC access component suite.

Darafei Praliaskouski - PostGIS developer. Working as a product manager in in daylight, fixing math robustness issues in PostGIS at night. Knows how to locate a car between skyscrapers using only wifi, how to design a styling engine for good looking maps (see and, and can process your drone or satellite imagery.

Sergey Kim - Software Architect with many years experience in Java based technology stack. Primarily his interests cover highly available services, databases and AWS. Also he is very interested in microservices architecture. When he introduces his career background he mentions that he is a software engineer, and this is what he likes to do. Software development to him is like the sky for a pilot, thus the work in IT to him is like a hobby. Everytime he is open for questions and any directions on his life path. His family strongly supports him on all my ways, and they go together.

Vadim Yatsenko - VLDB Architect at General Electric and CTO at Postgres Miktzoanim. Vadim's major specialization - high load projects design and development, using PostgreSQL as a main database. Also Vadim is a geoinformation systems specialist. He actively participates in PostgreSQL Community in Israel. Vadim started using PostgreSQL in 2008.

Lior Kaplan - Experienced Linux Sysadmin and long time Open Source contributor to Debian GNU/Linux, LibreOffice and PHP projects. Now heading Kaplan Open Source, helping businesses get into the Open Source world. Both IT & technical side of things or working on an Open Source policy / strategy and making it part of the business model, also focus on Open Source GIS, including PostgreSQL & PostGIS or migration processed from propriety databases to PostgreSQL and other Open Source databases.

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PostgreSQL DBA1 Free Training

We are proud to host a free PostgreSQL DBA1 course for event participants created by Postgres Professional company - PostgreSQL Major Contributor

Venue: Google for Startups Tel Aviv

Dates: March 13, 14, 2019

Registration and more information can be found on training page

Call for Papers

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All authors will be contacted by 2019-02-15 after selection process by the talks selection committee will be completed.

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3rd Annual PostgreSQL Conference

March 14, 2019, Tel Aviv Israel

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